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Retired United States Army Lieutenant General, Dr. William J. Lennox Jr Interview

Our veterans face some of the toughest challenges in life, many of which are hard for civilians to understand. Whether it’s adjusting to civilian life, mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or substance use disorders, veterans need help now more than ever. But, finding the right care can be difficult, especially for veterans who may feel as though they are not fully understood. Finding a solution to this problem could help veterans from all walks of life get the care they deserve while making them feel understood and comfortable. One such place, Heroes’ Mile addiction recovery center, believes they have found a solution to help veterans who may be facing unique challenges, and that solution is veteran-to-veteran care.

Leading that charge at Heroes’ Mile is their Ambassador, Retired United States Army Lieutenant General, Dr. William J. Lennox Jr. Dr. Lennox served as the 56th Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point from 2001 to 2006. Over his 35-year military career, Dr. Lennox has received numerous awards, medals, and commendations for his exceptional service, including the Defense Distinguished Service and Meritorious Service Medals.

During his interview, Dr. Lennox spoke about his journey through the ranks of the Army, starting from his early years at the Military Academy at West Point, to his decades of experience in field artillery, to his eventual post as Superintendent at West Point.
Dr. Lennox also highlighted the unique challenges that he has seen many veterans face, including PTSD, military sexual trauma (MST), and substance use disorders. When asked why he became the Ambassador for Heroes’ Mile, Dr. Lennox spoke at length about the difficulties of seeing young men and women come home from combat, only to feel isolated and alone.

Currently, in his role as Ambassador for Heroes’ Mile, Dr. Lennox helps veterans achieve sobriety and work through the underlying causes of addiction with veteran-to-veteran support. Dr. Lennox says he is hopeful that this approach will become the standard practice when it comes to treating veterans with mental health and substance use disorders, as he feels it is the best way to achieve meaningful, long-term recovery.

Heroes Mile: 866-407-0699

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