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Foot and Ankle Surgery: How to Choose the Right Surgeon

If you're having foot problems, what specialists should you reach out to in order to discuss foot and ankle surgery? Read our guide of foot specialists and how to pick the right one.

Our feet help carry our bodies to wherever we wish to go. When we suffer from feet and heel ailments, it becomes very uncomfortable to move about and conduct our daily chores. The time may even come where you are in search of a great foot surgeon.

Due to the big connection that the feet have to the upper body, some diseases show their symptoms through the feet. For instance, a person suffering from diabetes will, in most cases, develop sores on their feet. Therefore, it is imperative to consult with a medical practitioner whenever you experience unexplainable sores, foot aches or any other feet discomfort. But how can you know the best doctor to seek help from? The following article will help you find exactly what you need.

Types of foot specialists

PodiatristsThere are basically two types of foot specialists:


These are medical practitioners who specialize in common foot diseases such as heel spurs, ingrown toenails and other minor foot injuries. Generally, it is not a requirement for these doctors to obtain a masters degree after graduation in order to obtain their certificates of practice.

In case you happen to be suffering from minor foot diseases, these are the right specialists to contact. However, podiatrists do not conduct extensive diagnoses. If your feet suffer from extensive health issues, a podiatrist might not be the right specialist for you, as they do not have the training or equipment to treat serious ligament problems.


OrthopaedicsThese are doctors who are trained on the entire musculoskeletal system. This consists of bones, nerves, ligaments, joints and tendons. Although an orthopaedic will have a particular part of the foot that they specialize in, they nonetheless have training on other parts of the musculoskeletal system as well.

These doctors have to obtain a masters degree after their university education. This gives them extensive training and expertise in this field of medicine. Orthopaedics are thus the best to consider for serious feet problems. In case that the sores or pain stem from other ailments, the specialist can discover the issue and advise you appropriately.

How to choose the best specialist

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Podiatrists foot surgeonWhen looking for the best foot and ankle surgery, you need to look for the best foot surgeon. Consider the following points:

Referrals from other people

People who have undergone these procedures will offer reliable advice about the best doctors in your area. Through such referrals, you get valuable information.

Learn about the areas of specialization of the doctor

As mentioned above, orthopaedic surgeons specialize in specific ailments. If you are sure of the condition that you are suffering from, it is wise to access a specialist who is conversant with that ailment in order to ensure satisfactory results.

How easy is it to secure an appointment with the specialist or foot surgeon?

If at all, you do not want to spend a very long time suffering from foot ailments. Seek a doctor who is readily available. They should meet all the above qualities, but also be easy to access.

If you are looking for a specialist, a great place to start is Google Reviews of your local foot surgeon, whether referred or found via search. Immediate medical attention can help you avoid severe damage to your foot.

What tips do you have on finding a great foot surgeon?

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