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    Diabetic Neuropathy

    Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage that occurs as a result of diabetes. It occurs when blood sugar levels are too high for too long, resulting in nerve damage. Diabetic neuropathy most commonly occurs in your legs and feet. If you think you might be suffering from this condition, consult with your doctor, who will help you develop a treatment plan.

    •      Numbness in your hands, legs, or feet
    •      Shooting pains, burning, or tingling
    •      Constipation
    •      Nausea
    •      Diarrhea
    •      Urinary issues
    •      Dizziness
    •      Keeping blood pressure under control
    •      Healthy diet
    •      Physical activity
    •      Maintain a healthy weight
    •      Stop smoking, and avoid alcohol
    •      Use medications recommended by doctor
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