Sex & Relationships

pain during sexual intercourse

Don’t Put Your Sex Life on Pause Because of Pain During...

Actress Virginia Madsen wants to help women find the words to talk to their doctors about pain during sexual intercourse, a problem that affects...
Living with Chronic Pain

Real Issues that People Living with Chronic Pain Face Every Day

An article by Toni Bernhard, J.D., published in 2013 on Psychology Today, discussed an important point: Living with chronic pain can feel like a...
Chronic Pain and Sex

Steps To Take If Chronic Pain Is Impacting Your Sex Life

While the words pain and sex aren’t two that we hope to group together, there is a connection between the two that deserves to...
better sex life with chronic pain

How to Reclaim Your Sex Life with Chronic Pain

People living with chronic pain can feel as though their conditions consume their entire lives. Maintaining or reviving intimacy in your relationship may end...

Things NOT to Say to Someone with Chronic Pain

Of course you mean well. You see a friend or family member who's suffering from chronic pain and you want to offer advice and...

10 Tips for Taking Care of a Loved One with Chronic...

When your loved ones are feeling the pain, they are simply not themselves. Follow these tips to help take the best care of them,...
How To Help Someone With Chronic Pain

How to Help Someone With Chronic Pain

More than 100 million Americans live with chronic pain. Injuries and various conditions can cause problems that take a toll on sufferers and the...
Relationship Advice for Those With Chronic Pain

Relationship Advice for Those With Chronic Pain

Communicate With the People Around You Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship, so make sure you remember to talk with the ones you...
pet with anxiety

Pets and Their Emotional Pain

Does your furry friend ever get anxious, jealous, or happy? As a dog owner and animal rights supporter, I have often wondered if animals feel...
Photo: Guillaume Paumier via Creative Commons/Flickr

Living with HIV can mean living with pain

Pain is common not only in those suffering the last stages of AIDS but also in HIV-positive people who are still active. June is Pride...
Troops with CPFS calling cards

Cellphones for soldiers

In honor of Memorial Day, help give soldiers stationed far away the freedom to call home The messages to Cell Phones for Soldiers say it...
chronic pain

Are you caring for a senior who lives with pain?

Tips for caregivers By Lisa Davis Many older adults live with pain, which can be acute (intense but short-lived) or chronic (lasting six weeks or...

Make Mother’s Day the start of Mom Health Week”

It's Your Time, Mom! Help mom celebrate and take care of her health by connecting her to National Women's Health Week, a weeklong health observance...

Is Chronic Pain Straining Your Friendships?

Chronic pain is isolating. It can prevent you from doing things with others that you used to enjoy gardening, hiking, dining out and can...
chronic pain

Cyberhugs: Easing the Isolation of Chronic Pain

Online forums offer much needed virtual support. By Margaret Jaworski When she received an invitation to participate in an online workshop for chronic pain sufferers, Karin...
chronic pain

Life Goes On: A Mom’s Chronic Pain and a Debilitating Illness...

Carla Valentino knows all too well the toll pain can take on a mom and her loved ones. By Mary Beth Sammons The 45-year-old mom of...
chronic pain

A Tribute to the Inspiration Behind Pain Resource

Today is the birthday of our founder Kimberly Grady Brock, and that alone makes it a very special day for us here at Pain...
Child Pain

New Website Helps Parents Deal with Their Child’s Pain

A New Website Offers Advice on Managing a Child's Pain Post Surgery Launched in February 2013, the new website, My Child is in Pain, offers...





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