Chronic PainInfrared Mats for Chronic Pain Can Help You Live Better

Infrared Mats for Chronic Pain Can Help You Live Better

This sponsored post was written in collaboration with HealthyLine, creator of the Inframat Pro and other natural healing products. Pain Resource and HealthyLine are both a part of the Chronic Illness Network.

Effective chronic pain management often takes a multi-faceted approach, including medications, diet, exercise, meditation and other supplements and tools. One tool to consider adding into your regime is an infrared mat. Infrared mats are heated mats that emit heat and balancing ions and energy into your body. In fact, they have been shown to help manage fibromyalgia symptoms, sleeping problems, depression, chronic back pain, arthritis and more.

We recently wrote an article about natural pain management, and talked about grounding. Grounding is the practice of walking on the earth with your bare feet, which sends negative ions into your body, balancing out your body’s inner charge. This, in turn, reduces inflammation in the body. Infrared mats operate from the same general concept of balancing the body’s energy, which can work to improve mood, respiration and potentially reduce inflammation and pain.

What is the Inframat Pro?

HealthyLine’s core product is the Inframat Pro, which, at the surface level, looks like a heated mat lined with gemstones. Created by a collaborative team of doctors, inventors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, Inframat Pro is a natural pain relief solution designed to work in conjunction with your medical treatment plan. It helps to relieve pain symptoms by combining the following therapies: hot stone, far infrared, negative ion, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) and photon light.

Sound very technical? Well, it is. In fact, NASA recently used infrared light therapy to reduce the painful side effects of radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients. It is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Relax sore muscles
  • Improve circulation
  • Rejuvenate and energize
  • Reduce inflammation

Infrared Mats are Reducing Chronic Pain Symptoms

Infrared mats can be used in your home, and HealthyLine’s mats come with a 45-day trial period. Reviews from actual Amazon users are positive.

“I love this mat!” said Ellen J. Mini, Inframat Pro user in the Pacific Northwest. “It is really helping me with overall pain. I don’t drag out of the bedroom in the morning anymore. I walk like a human being. My arthritis pain is greatly relieved.”

People use the mat in different ways. Some use on their backs while watching TV, others place it under their feet at their work desk, and some people use it to fall asleep at night.

“I love using this mat to relax before I sleep,” Says Susan F. “It is easy enough to move when I don’t want to actually sleep on it. The heat and healing energies help me into a calm and peaceful place to sleep really well. Totally worth the money to help me stay calm when life gets a little hectic.”

If you are interested in learning more about how an infrared mat might be able to help you, speak with your primary care doctor or contact HealthyLine for more information.

If you are interested in buying a mat today, use the discount 10cibi to get 10% off of a mat purchased directly through HealthyLine’s website.

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