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7 Best Podcasts on Chronic Pain

Check out these 7 podcasts for chronic illness.

Learning to live with chronic pain is challenging. It’s essential to stay dialed in to trending topics related to your condition. We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best podcasts on chronic pain to help you stay on top of your health challenges. 

Why podcasts on chronic pain matter

Best Podcasts on Chronic PainChronic pain podcasts series can become a valuable tool. They can provide you with support and timely information on a range of topics about living with your condition. Because illness podcasts are recorded, you can access them at any time. There’s no need to stick to a schedule that may not work for your body and your side effects. 

The wide range of these podcasts are often hosted by people who are managing chronic pain themselves. This can create a connection where you feel understood. It may even be a connection you can’t find with family or friends who don’t live with chronic illness. 

Some podcasts offer value by providing news and insights on the latest pain management tips. They may include interviews with medical professionals such as physical therapists and pain management physicians. Many podcasts focus on the mental health aspects that so often come with chronic pain.

Other podcasts take a lighter approach, offering you a valuable chance to laugh. They may inspire you with stories of chronic pain patients who have lived through challenging times

Regardless of the approach a podcast takes, chances are you’ll come away feeling like someone understands you and what you’re going through.

Top 7 best podcasts on chronic pain

With so many podcasts out there, where do you start? Each entry on our top 7 list tackles the topic of chronic pain with insight, humor and wisdom.

#1: Sickboy

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Sickboy podcasts on chronic pain
Photo courtesy of Sickboy

The Sickboy podcast began with 3 best friends using humor to cope with the difficulties of chronic pain and illness. Brian Stever, Taylor MacGillivary and Jeremie Saunders have a great time hosting the show, which was inspired by Jeremie’s battle with cystic fibrosis. The series breaks down the stigma of chronic illness, providing a healthy dose of humor with every episode.

Past episodes have tackled issues like unilateral hearing loss, pelvic organ prolapse and alopecia. 

#2: Invisible Not Broken

The Invisible Not Broken podcast features interviews with people living with chronic and invisible illnesses. Its tagline “A Side of Snark With Your Chronic Illness” testifies to the podcast’s honest, real-world approach to health issues.

Panel podcasts tackle issues that affect people with chronic illnesses and with disabilities such as pain management, living with a cane or service dog etiquette. This bold and honest podcast goes into all elements of life with pain from sex to politics.

Past episodes of the podcast have focused on topics such as traveling with prescription medications, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and anxiety

#3: National Public Radio

NPR podcasts on chronic painWhile not specifically a chronic pain podcast, National Public Radio (NPR) has a substantial chronic pain library that is worth a listen. These stories are shorter than your typical podcast entries (most clock in at under 5 minutes). But they also include pertinent information on topics such as pain management techniques, profiles of people living with pain and plenty of information on the opioid crisis.

While this section of NPR is only updated occasionally, these well-researched and informative pieces give you all of the highlights you need on a story in a concise, well-organized format.

#4: The Healing Pain Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Joe Tatta, the Healing Pain Podcast focuses on the many approaches available to help heal chronic pain. Some of the highlighted approaches include diet, meditation, physical therapy and cognitive pain coping skills.

Tatta is a doctor of physical therapy, a board certified nutrition specialist and a functional medicine practitioner. He specializes in treating persistent pain and invites many medical professionals to serve as guests on his podcast.

With over 130 podcast episodes so far, the Healing Pain Podcast offers a wealth of information that comes straight from medical professionals.

#5: The Accessible Stall

ADA and Best Podcasts on Chronic PainThe Accessible Stall isn’t afraid to tackle the issues and challenges that come with living with a disability. Hosts Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau offer up fresh insights and perspectives within the disability community, leading to intriguing discussions and engaging disputes.

Past episodes have focused on issues such as disability and privacy, paying people who are disabled and what life was like before the Americans with Disabilities Act

#6: In Sickness + In Health

In Sickness + In Health is a podcast that focuses on issues surrounding chronic illness, disability, healthcare and mortality.

Host Cara Gael recently revived the podcast after a hiatus in 2017. She invites a variety of guests to share different perspectives and insights. Guests include authors, artists, activists and more.

#7: The Autoimmune Hour

On The Autoimmune Hour, host Sharon Sayler shares stories and solutions for living with chronic illness and autoimmune conditions.

Sayler struggled to find a way to live well with her autoimmune condition, leading to the founding of this podcast. Inspiring and uplifting, previous episodes tackled topics such as self-acceptance and healing, using mindfulness in healing, hydration, staying healthy during cold season and more.

Many episodes feature guest doctors and experts who provide practical, informative advice.

Supporting podcasts on chronic pain

Supporting podcasts on chronic painIf you find a podcast that you enjoy, please take a minute to support the show. Podcasts are time-consuming and are often labors of love for the hosts. Making a donation, talking about the podcast with friends and family and sharing the podcast on social media are all ways that you can support the show and its host.

Additionally, if you liked a particular episode, take some time and let the hosts know. Send them an email or post a comment and thank them.

A final note on Chronic Pain Podcasts

Many of the above podcasts are either hosted by medical professionals or feature medical professionals as guests, but it’s important to always get your medical advice from a qualified, reputable source.

Be open and honest with your health care team before you try any new pain treatments or management techniques. It’s crucial to be sure they aren’t harmful and won’t interact with any of your current treatments or prescriptions.

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