Eating Well5 Turmeric Shot Benefits You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

5 Turmeric Shot Benefits You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

By now you’ve probably heard of turmeric, the bright yellow super spice that provides a number of health benefits. In order to get the recommended dosage of turmeric, supplementing with turmeric shots has become popular. And while most people understand that turmeric shot benefits include an immune system boost, there are several other turmeric shot benefits that you might not be aware of.

In case you haven’t yet learned of turmeric, it is a root spice that comes from the Curcuma longa plant that originated in Asia. It has been used for millennia in other countries as a natural form of medicine due to its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. But the benefits don’t end there.

Turmeric Shot Benefits

Turmeric Shot Benefits

Turmeric contains the bioactive compound curcumin, the ingredient that is credited for much of turmeric’s health benefits. While not clearly understood, turmeric and curcumin are thought to lower inflammation, relieve pain, and aid in digestion. Lesser-known associations between turmeric and health benefits include:

  1. Turmeric and Cancer-Fighting Properties

    The curcumin in turmeric has been shown to kill tumors cells in lab-related studies. This takes place without killing healthy cells, making turmeric an optimistic addition to cancer treatment. However, studies surrounding turmeric and cancer are young, and more definitive research is still needed. Specifically, these properties have never been demonstrated to work in a human.

  2. Turmeric for Depression and Anxiety

    Curcumin and turmeric have been associated with lowering depression and anxiety among those with both mild and severe symptoms. These superfoods may even increase the efficacy of antidepressants by reducing inflammation in the body.

  3. Curcumin for Cognitive Brain Health

    Turmeric and curcumin have been shown to protect the brain. In addition to a mental health boost, turmeric shot benefits are thought to assist in brain health by increasing blood flow and minimizing free radical damage. The results of including turmeric shots or supplements in one study included improved concentration and memory among other cognitive functions.

  4. Curcumin and Organ Health

    Some organs are also thought to benefit from curcumin. For example, turmeric for liver problems may also provide benefits again by reducing oxidative stress. However, turmeric for kidney health is less clear.

  5. Turmeric as an Anti-Viral

    Curcumin and turmeric could also help the body fight viruses. Impressively, curcumin may both kill the virus before it infects healthy cells and reduce the rate at which the virus replicates.

It has been difficult to pinpoint exactly why curcumin and turmeric are so beneficial in so many different conditions. Research suggests that it could boil down to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In any case, there is little harm in adding daily turmeric shots or supplements to your diet, as long as it has been cleared by a medical professional.

The Best Way to Take Turmeric

Turmeric shots are a great way to add turmeric and curcumin to your diet. However, it is important to keep in mind that the turmeric dosage needed to improve health is at least 500 mg, which is relatively high. This equates to about 2.5 teaspoons of turmeric powder each day.

Another challenge to supplementing with turmeric is its bioavailability, which is relatively low. This means that turmeric and curcumin are not easily absorbed by the body. To increase the abortion rate, it is recommended to include black pepper and fatty oils in your turmeric shot recipes as noted in the example below.

Example Turmeric Shot Recipe:

  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered turmeric
  •  1/4 cup coconut water
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • Dash of black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon of oil (i.e., coconut oil)

Improving your diet is always a step towards becoming more healthy and in this case, you may not have to look further than your spice cabinet!

Other Recipes Including Turmeric

How Do You Work Turmeric Into Your Diet?

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