It’s easy being green


These eco-products make it a snap to live more healthfully

By Lisa Davis

Clean air and water and all-natural products aren’t just the mainstays of an eco-conscious life. They could also reduce the frequency and severity of several painful conditions, including fibromyalgia, migraines, and neuropathy.

A chemical that’s foreign to the body has the potential for side effects and that includes pain, said Jacob Teitelbaum, author of Pain Free 1-2-3: A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest eco-friendly products out there things you can use every day to lighten the toxic load on yourself and the planet.

The Office
Green-certify your workspace with sustainable supplies such as Tree-Frog copy paper made of 100% recycled sugar cane and bamboo fibers ; earth-friendly keyboard and mouse from Bamboo Peripherals; and Paper Mate biodegradable pens made with plant-derived materials.

Breathing in the office becomes easier once the Andrea air purifier filters out toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, dust and benzene. The extra-powerful purifier uses houseplants to eliminate airborne bad guys and requires no disposable filters.

Bye-bye, batteries! Bedol’s waterpowered clock is fueled by fresh water and comes in cheerful colors.

Try greener client gifts with reusable BOBO wrapping scarves, which get a new life as a purse or grocery tote. Don’t forget a clever card to go with your eco-friendly present. These greeting cards are chlorine-free, designed with soy-based ink.

The Kitchen
Tote your produce home and store it in reusable Wonder Thunder vegetable bags made from organic cotton.

Chlorine, lead, and pharmaceutical residues are often unwelcome additives in drinking water. Hydrate in space-age style with the porcelain Ovopur water filter made with nontoxic silicone.

Save space while you help save the earth with BPA-free Vapur flexible water bottles, which can be rolled or folded when empty.

The Garden
Turn food scraps into valuable garden compost with Nature Mill’s compact composter, small enough to fit under most kitchen counters (or in a cabinet). Simply toss scraps right into the mechanized composter, which turns waste into fertilizer. No need to worry about unwanted smells, either: A built-in carbon filter eliminates foul odors. (Also check out the All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit, another in-house system that recycles kitchen scraps into compost.)

Clove and peppermint oils replace toxic chemicals in EcoSmart’s Home Pest Control, which wipes out beetles, centipedes and ticks in the garden and also in your home. If ants and roaches are keeping you company, EcoSmart also makes a natural ant and roach killer.

Keep pests like mosquitoes and black flies at bay using Brittanie’s Thyme’s organic insect repellent, made with essential oils of clove, eucalyptus, geranium, and peppermint.

Arthritis and other painful chronic conditions can deter even the most committed and seasoned gardener. Radius ergonomic gardening tools trowels, weeders, transplanters, and cultivators come with comfortable grips and specially designed blades that make it easier to toil the soil. (For more gardening tips, read what gardening expert Melinda Myers says are simple steps for pain-free time in your green space.)


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