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Spoonie Small Businesses to Support

There is nothing we love more than supporting spoonie small businesses while also supporting those in our spoonie community! Christmas is right around the corner and we encourage you to shop these small businesses that are created and run by fellow chronic pain sufferers. The women in the small businesses suggested below not only have the strength and courage to start a small business, but they also do it all while enduring the daily pain of being a spoonie.

Go show these awesome spoonies some love and visit their Etsy and website pages. Let’s ban together and support each other!

1. Laura Prestwich – Maker.Doer.Mama

Spoonie business Maker.Doer.Mama

Laura is a fellow spoonie who owns Maker Doer Mama. She is an endometriosis warrior, who also suffers from chronic migraines, generalized anxiety disorder, complex PTSD, and psoriasis. Laura has been dealing with endometriosis and an anxiety disorder since she was 12 years old. And then later on in life she developed migraines, C-PTSD, and psoriasis.

Maker Doer Mama is her personal illustration brand. She designs and creates planners and journals that are perfect for your home office. She also designs stickers that would look great on water bottles or the back of your computer. Her little gifts would be perfect for any daughter, sister, or mother in your life. She also designs beautiful printables that would go great on the front of a notebook or simply put in a frame in a bedroom. 

When I asked Laura why she started her small business, she said: “I started my first creative business over seven years ago after working in corporate Human Resources for a few years. My boss at the time really encouraged me to develop the creative skills I was passionate about, and she was my first customer. A decision to move back to our home state so my husband could pursue his master’s in nursing coincided with the worsening of some of my symptoms, and because I had been building up this portfolio of creative work, I was ready to take the leap to a creative career that was based at home.”

2. Noni Evans – PineapplePrincessCo

Spoonie Business Pineapple Princess CoNoni is another awesome spoonie. She currently has chronic migraines, POTS, and intestinal dysmotility. But that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her creative career of running Pineapple Princess Company

In Noni’s shop, she is especially known for her fun decorative pillowcases, which is the reason she started her Etsy shop back in 2015. And she also has a large selection of beautiful masks, which make for perfect stocking stuffers.

When I asked Noni why she started her small business, she said: “I started my business back in 2015 to help earn money for college. One day I made a pillowcase for myself and posted pictures on my social media. At that point, family and friends started asking me to make pillowcases. They started spreading the word to their friends and Pineapple Princess was born.”

3. C&J – Borealis Crystals

Spoonie Business C&J - Borealis CrystalsBorealis Crystals is owned by a spoonie wife and husband duo, C&J. J lives with hemophilia, a rare blood clotting disorder, and epilepsy, a seizure disorder. C faces mental health struggles on a daily basis, having been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

This couple sells beautiful jewelry that they make out of their own home! If you are looking for rings, watches, pendants or earrings you are covered, Borealis Crystals has it all! Their jewelry would make for a perfect Christmas gift or an anniversary gift. 

Take time to look through their website and peruse their beautiful jewelry.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Spread some holiday cheer by supporting these fellow spoonies’ small businesses! It’s hard living every day with chronic pain, let alone starting a small business in the midst of it.

What are your favorite small businesses owned by spoonies?

Share your favorite ones down below!

What chronic pain stories should we cover?

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